She is Kindred

That's Not My Baby: a Conversation About Surrogacy with Amey Foley

November 09, 2022 She is Kindred Season 1 Episode 32
She is Kindred
That's Not My Baby: a Conversation About Surrogacy with Amey Foley
Show Notes

In today’s episode Britt talks with Amey Foley about surrogacy and her personal experiences throughout three separate surrogacy journeys. Amey shares practical insight as well as personal implications for anyone interested in beginning the journey for themselves - on either side of the process.  Throughout their conversation, the veil of mystery surrounding this miraculous procedure will be pulled back as they ask hard questions like, "Are we playing God", and wrestle with the ethical dilemmas that ultimately bring about one of God's greatest blessings: children. 

Amey is a wife and mom to two boys, ages 12 and 7, living in Southwest Missouri. After spending 12 years in Early Childhood Education, she recently made the switch to the medical field where she works alongside her personal OB/GYN and has the opportunity to support women in every stage of their family journey. Amey is currently in her third surrogacy journey, having successfully carried two pregnancies for a couple in France. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Amey's surrogacy journey x3
  • Stories of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences
  • Ethical and moral dilemmas when becoming a surrogate
  • Reasons to become a surrogate or reasons to use a surrogate
  • The belief that all children are gifts and the miraculous opportunity to build a family in this way. 
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