She is Kindred

Working Moms Panel with Jackie Hayes, Anne Boedges, and Ainsley Hoover

August 31, 2022 She is Kindred Season 1 Episode 25
She is Kindred
Working Moms Panel with Jackie Hayes, Anne Boedges, and Ainsley Hoover
Show Notes

We’ve all heard it - The Mommy Wars. Despite our best efforts, there always seems to be an underlying case of “who did it better”?  One of the areas where we see this crop up frequently is within circles of working mothers. 

Is it better to work out of the house or to be a stay-at-home mom? What if you work in the home and still try to manage taking care of your children? Is that even a realistic possibility? What if you choose not to work at all? It’s an endless cycle filled with societal pressure and copious amounts of mom guilt. And we’re here to jump smack dab into the middle of the conversation today!

Host Britt Nikel Smith chats with three different mamas - Anne Boedges, Jackie Hayes, and Ainsley Hoover - about their unique career stories and the way they’re raising their families with intention. They share the challenges and blessings that accompany their choices and have a candid conversation about mom guilt and the ways it affects everyone. 

Britt talks with Anne, Jackie, and Ainsley about...

  • Equitable family contributions
  • Societal pressures on motherhood + careers
  • Generational expectations and perceived criticisms
  • Mom guilt
  • Learning to juggle everything according to your own family’s needs
  • Practicing presence in every situation


“I didn’t feel like I was pulling an equitable share. It was either all teacher or all mama and I couldn’t find my footing, so I decided to make the change for myself.” - Ainsley Hoover

“I just hope they feel how much love went into every day with them.” - Jackie Hayes

“Your life doesn’t have to look like someone else. Your work doesn’t have to look like someone else. But we’re all in it together. It’s all worthy work. And at the end of the day, we just want them to know we put all our love into it.”

Resources mentioned in this episode:
The Mom Hour Podcast

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