She is Kindred

Mothering with Mental Illness with Dolly Lovato

June 01, 2022 She is Kindred Season 1 Episode 13
She is Kindred
Mothering with Mental Illness with Dolly Lovato
Show Notes


This episode wraps up our focus for May of Motherhood.We’ve tried to have conversations surrounding motherhood that aren’t frequently discussed in many circles. We’ve acknowledged some really hard and beautiful things and today’s episode will be no different. Britt is joined on this episode by Dolly Lovato, a wife and mama whose own motherhood journey has been marked by the work of breaking generational trauma, navigating multiple mental illnesses, and finding help and healing along the way.

Dolly Lovato is a wife and mother of two currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. She has a background in film, Jewish ministry, digital marketing, and dance. When she is not snuggling babies or tackling the dishes, she is pursuing a second degree online, writing, and actively pursuing healing from generational trauma and abuse. Dolly is passionate about starting meaningful conversation around the stories we hold deep within our hearts. She believes that survivors have more power than we realize, and that finding and using our voices brings healing not just to the individual, but to the world. 


  • Generational trauma
  • Mental health issues + abuse within families
  • Mental health and its effect on motherhood + marriage
  • Fear and stigma surrounding seeking professional help
  • Teaching children about mental illness

“People who struggle with mental health issues–it’s just even more important to have a routine of rest and implementing rest because your body is tired; your body is trying to heal itself, and God wants to heal you also…That’s why God created the Sabbath, and that’s why God calls us to rest.” - Dolly Lovato

“It’s okay to not feel the pressure of having to do in order to prove my worth.” - Britt Smith


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