She is Kindred

Chronic Hope with Alex Cox

April 19, 2022 She is Kindred Season 1 Episode 7
She is Kindred
Chronic Hope with Alex Cox
Show Notes

In the seventh episode of the She is Kindred Podcast, Britt and Alex Cox talk about navigating chronic illness in everyday life, parenthood, and holding onto hope through it all. 

Alex Cox is a reader, teacher, and writer balancing life with autoimmune diseases while carving out spaces for creativity. She lives in Paris, Tennessee, with her husband and two sons but has moved all over. Alex teaches 9th grade English and Creative Writing. She is an Enneagram 3 who loves to put aside her to-do lists to read in her comfy chair. You can find her on Instagram at @megahast.

In This Episode Britt Talks to Alex About:

  • How to navigate autoimmune diseases
  • How to balance motherhood, teaching, and caring for others while choosing every day to care for yourself 
  • Processing new diagnoses and grieving what you thought life would look like
  • Other’s awareness and misunderstanding of chronic illness
  • Taking care of not just your physical health, but emotional and mental health as well.

“I simply cannot see this as a crutch or a reason to not live. It’s the opposite. I fight it daily, but it has helped me slow down. That’s the gift. You must choose to see it like that; if you don’t feel this way all the time it is okay. Sit with the grief. Sit with not being okay. It is okay to not be okay. At the end of the day, you have done the dang thing, and you’re here.” Alex Cox

“A lot of people look at chronic illnesses as something that a person can just push through…And you’d be surprised at how many people think that if I just follow a strict routine of exercising or dieting, I will be magically okay. No one with a chronic illness like many that are out there right now can be cured–but we find ways to live through the tension.” Alex Cox

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